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Agneepath Scheme 2022 (Agneepath), Full Details Update

 Agneepath Scheme 2022 (Agneepath), Full Details

Agneepath Scheme

Agneepath Scheme 2022: Recently there has been a lot of discussion about "Tour of Duty" in the Indian Armed Forces. And to take it further, the Cabinet Committee on Security took a landmark decision on May 14, 2022 to approve the pilot project - 'Agneepath'.

Agneepath Scheme 2022

With this Indian youth who want to be a part of the Indian Armed Forces will be able to enter the force through this new entry and opportunity. Be it Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian Air Force. Agneepath Sena Bharti Scheme is a central government scheme for all Indian candidates. Through Agneepath, one can serve in the combat forces and every year around 45,000 to 50,000 soldiers will be recruited for a service period of only four years.

Agneepath Project Details

Those who will be selected for this recruitment process will be called as “Agniveer”. As per the decision, 'Agnivar' will be offered a decent salary package and an exit retirement package after 4 years of service. It is to be noted that this opportunity is only for personnel below the rank of officers who do not join the force as commissioned officers.

Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs, Lt Gen Anil Puri said, “The average age today is around 32 years, in future it will come down to 26 years. This will happen in 6-7 years. Transforming the Armed Forces into a youthful, tech-savvy, modern one, harnessing the potential of the youth and making them future ready soldiers? He said that after serving four years in the Army, Agniveer's resume and resume will be very unique and he will stand out in the crowd with his attitude, skill and timing.

What is Agneepath Scheme?

Agneepath Recruitment Indian youth whose age is between 17.5 to 23 years can apply for Indian Armed Forces. Agneepath is a short service commission for a total of 4 years in which Agneepath retains 25% after the training period and reserves in various state government jobs like other CAPFs, Assam Rifles and State Police.

Agneepath Scheme 2022: Project Objectives

The main objective of the central government is to start the Indian Army Agneepath Pravesh Yojana to train youth and reduce retirement as well as pension. Government of India has come up with this scheme to strengthen our security forces. Selected candidates will be trained professionally and then posted in areas like J&K border.

The most important thing about this recruitment is that there will be no entrance test for the youth. After selection, candidates will have to undergo training for six months and then will be inducted for three and a half years. So that they are ready to join the Armed Forces as a professional.

Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh said, "This will lead to availability of highly skilled workforce in the economy which will help in increasing the productivity and increasing the overall GDP".

Eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

Conducting Body: Indian Army

Name of scheme: Agneepath Recruitment 2022

Launched by: Department of Military Affairs

Number of Vacancies: Around 1.25 Lakh

Date of Final notification: yet to be updated

Agneepath Recruitment Online Form:  Date June/July

Area of Service: Indian Army, Navy, Air Force

Time span: 4 years

Age limit 17.5-21 years

Official link: Joinindianarmy.nic.in

It is quite clear that every year there are a large number of candidates who participate in the Indian Army Recruitment and who want to be a part of the glorious Indian Armed Forces, but due to some reasons there are still many candidates who are not successful. May be. This is. So this entry is a golden opportunity to achieve their goal as it provides another entry to make room for them.

Even after completing 4 years in service, there is a chance that you may continue in the service if your performance is satisfactory but you may be retained there even after the tour of duty is over. Under the plan, it would be four years of service, but 25 percent of the soldiers, the best professionals, would be re-enlisted as permanent soldiers. Others will be allowed to leave and given a service fund – a lump sum of Rs. 11.71 lakhs plus interest. This amount will be tax free and can be used to move forward with any other career option in their life.

Apart from this, the discharged soldiers will be assisted to get a place in the civil service after completion of 4 years. According to reports, the government is also working with corporates to discuss employment opportunities after 'Agnivar' expires.

Agnipath Scheme Details: Pay Scale under Agnipath Scheme

Under this scheme, the annual package that soldiers will get for the first year will be Rs 4.76 lakh and it will increase to Rs 6.92 lakh in the fourth and final year of the tenure, i.e. in these four years of service, they will get an initial 30,000 benefits with additional benefits. Salary, which will increase to Rs 40,000 after four years of service.

Also during these years of service, 30 per cent of his salary will be used under the service fund programme, and the same amount will be subsidized by the government every month, along with interest. This means that after completing their requisite four years of service, they will get the benefit of service fund package, under which they will get Rs 11.71 lakh as a lump sum and will be tax free.

It also has a life insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh for four years and Rs 1 crore to the family members in case of death and includes accrued term salary.

Agnipatha Scheme for Recruitment of Soldiers - What is it, How will it work?

Under the new Agnipath project, about 45,000 to 50,000 soldiers would be recruited annually, and most would leave the service in just four years. Of the total annual recruitment, only 25 per cent will be allowed to continue under permanent commission for the next 15 years.

The government on Tuesday unveiled its new Agnipath scheme for recruitment of soldiers across the three services. The new defense recruitment reform, which has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security, will come into force immediately and soldiers recruited under the scheme will be called Agnibir.

25 percent of firefighters will be absorbed at the end of service; Caste, Territorial Recruitment.

Unveiling the "Major Defense Policy Reforms" pipeline for recruitment of soldiers, sailors and airmen in the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force, the government on Tuesday announced that recruits under the scheme will be recruited on short-term contracts. Agnivir will be called. 

The scheme, the government said, will be effective immediately and will create "a more youthful and technologically efficient combat-combat force by ensuring a fine balance between young and experienced personnel" in the armed forces.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, General Manoj Pandey, Admiral R Hari Kumar and Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary briefed the media after the Cabinet Committee on Security approved the proposal. The Agneepath scheme - it was earlier proposed as Tour of Duty - is expected to reduce the standing force level to over 13 lakh strong armed forces.

Under this scheme most soldiers will leave the service in just four years. Of the 45,000 to 50,000 recruited annually, only 25 percent will be allowed to continue under permanent commission for the next 15 years. This will significantly reduce the defense pension bill, which has been a major concern of the government for many years.

The recruitment will begin in 90 days which will bring "all India, all category" recruitment to the services. This is particularly important in the military where the regimental system is based on region and caste and has been abolished over time to allow anyone from any race, region, class or religious background to be part of an existing regiment.

Many veterans have raised concerns about how this new structure could be detrimental to the existing structure, where loyalty to the regiment and battalion and maintaining its pride plays an important role as a motivator in difficult situations.

Announcing the plan, Rajnath Singh said, "The effort is that the profile of the armed forces should be as young as that of the larger Indian population." A young armed force will allow them to be easily trained for new technologies.

He said that this would increase employment opportunities and such soldiers would get employment in various sectors due to the skill and experience gained during their four years of service. "This will also lead to availability of highly skilled workforce in the economy which will help in productivity gains and overall GDP growth," Singh said.

The average age in the force today is 32 years, which will reduce to 26 in six to seven years. Additional secretary, Department of Military Affairs, Lt Gen Anil Puri said, it will make the troops "future ready".

The scheme, the government said in its statement, "is designed to enable a youth profile of the armed forces. It will provide opportunities to youth who are interested in donning uniforms by attracting young talent from the society, Those who are more in sync with the contemporary technological trends and skilled, disciplined and motivated manpower can be brought back into the society.”

It said, "This will raise the profile of the youth of the Armed Forces and give a new lease of life to 'Josh' and 'Jazba', while also ushering in a transformational shift towards a more tech-savvy armed force - something it really does." The hourly implementation of this scheme is expected to bring down the average age profile of the Indian Armed Forces by about 4-5 years."

Under the new system, which is only for personnel below officer rank (who do not join the force as commissioned officers), candidates in the age group of 17.5 years to 21 years will be eligible to apply. The standard of appointment will remain the same and appointments will be made twice a year through public meetings.

Once selected, candidates will be given training for six months and then posted for three and a half years. During this period, he will get an initial salary of Rs 30,000 with additional benefits, which will increase to Rs 40,000 after four years of service.

During this period, 30 percent of his salary would be set aside under a service fund program, and the government would contribute an equal amount every month, and that would charge interest. At the end of the four-year period, each soldier will get a lump sum amount of Rs 11.71 lakh, which will be tax-free. They will also get a life insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh for four years. In case of death, the unpaid period salary will exceed Rs 1 crore.

After four years, only 25 per cent of the batch will be re-employed in their respective services for 15 years. For those who are re-elected, the initial four-year period will not be considered for retirement benefits.

Lt Gen Puri said the government would help in the rehabilitation of soldiers who left the service after four years. There will be a "full government" approach, and they will be provided with skill certificates and bridge courses. He said that entrepreneurship will be promoted.

The announcement is expected to elicit mixed reactions from hundreds of thousands of candidates across the country. While there have been no recruitments in the last two years, with the government blaming the Covid-19 pandemic for this, the Agneepath project was also under consideration for almost the same period. Although the announcement will kick-start the recruitment process, many candidates have to take into account the tentative structure and the possibility of being asked to leave after four years.

According to data shared by the Defense Ministry with Parliament on March 28, there are over one lakh vacancies for junior commissioned officers and other posts in the Army. It also noted that out of over 90 recruitment rallies held every year in 2017, 2018 and 2019, only 47 recruitment rallies were held in 2020-2021 and only four in 2021-2022 due to the pandemic.

Agnipath Scheme 2022- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Agnipath Yojana 2022?

Answer. The Agnipath scheme is a recruitment process for those below officer rank, where fitter, younger soldiers are posted to the frontline, ultimately raising the youth profile of the armed forces.

Q. How many vacancies are released through Agnipath Yojana 2022?

Answer. Total 46000 Vacancy Released Under Agnipath Scheme 2022.

Q. What is the term of service mentioned under Agnipath Scheme 2022?

Answer. In Agnipath Scheme 2022, the service period is 4 years.

Q. What is the age limit under Agnipath Yojana 2022?

Answer. Age limit under Agnipath Yojana 2022 is 17.5 to 23 years.

Source: The Indian Express & mygov.in



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