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What is E- Basta Scheme?

What is E- Basta Scheme?
What is E- Basta

In the past few years, the Modi government has introduced several schemes to improve the lives of the citizens of India. 

The government looked at all aspects of the society with the pension schemes, insurance schemes, and many other savings schemes for the people and tried to improve them.

The next step of the government is the eBasta scheme, through which the Government of India will provide education to the children across the country in a better way. eBasta is a frame book from which school books can be made available in digital form as e-books because e-books can be used on tablets and laptops to read. 

The main idea of ​​this scheme is to bring various publishers and schools together on a single platform. This initiative is managed by the Center for Development of Advanced Computing.

eBasta scheme:-

Basta is a Hindi word that means School Bag. It is an online platform that can be used by teachers, publishers, and students through the internet. On this platform, all the books are uploaded on the basis of the courses, and the students and teachers have to study only by downloading the material.

The content that can be downloaded from the eBasta portal can be read on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Students and teachers just have to select all the courses which are currently running and download them. According to the board, the selection of books will be done by the school faculty according to the syllabus decided for that year.

The framework implemented as a portal brings together three categories of stakeholders: the publisher, the school, and the student. It provides them with the following functionalities:-

Publisher: Can upload meta-data covering class, language, subject, price, preview pages etc. along with e-content. Prepublication content can also be uploaded for review and will not be available for download. The comments and ratings given by the users of the portal can be viewed by the publisher as well as download statistics of various e-contents.

School: Schools can access the portal to compile the resources for each class as per priority through specially authorized teachers. After browsing the e-content uploaded by different publishers and selecting the right content, the school can organize them in the eBasta in a hierarchical manner. Each eBasta is given a unique name, which is also given to the students so that they can download the eBasta automatically.

Students: Students can download a prescribed eBasta on the portal or find out the eBasta and e-Content available on the portal and download the ones they need. If the downloadable content includes payments, they will be taken to the payment portal to complete the payment. After payment, they can download the content. In the case of eBasta, they have to use the eBasta App to access the content.

Benefits of eBasta Scheme:-

Students can download these eBooks on tablets, laptops,s and desktops through the eBasta App and study them at their convenience. Access to the App is easy and in a structured format. They can also access the content of other schools. can |

Most apps run on the Internet, but this is not the case with eBasta. Once the eBook is downloaded, it can also be read offline. So there is no internet charge to read it. Even if the internet connection is slow, which is very common in India, it will not take much time to download this book. Downloading time may increase if the book is lengthy and contains many images. Various file formats like text, animation, graphics, audio, videos, etc. are available in it. This will reduce the load on the students, as they no longer have to carry heavy bags. Because the books will be easily available on the portal.

Books will be available instantly. Generally, it is seen that students have to search for books in the market and many times the books are not available. Moreover, the eBook is completely safe and there is no risk of viruses.

eBasta App:-

Right now, the app is only available on mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops with the Android operating system. Here is the link to download the application.

VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://vikaspedia.in/education/interactive-resources/ebasta



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