Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Linking Aadhar to voter ID voluntary: Election Commission

Linking of Aadhaar with Voter ID Card is voluntary: Election Commission

The Political race Commission has explained that connecting Aadhaar with Citizen ID in Structure 6B is totally willful. The balloter can present a duplicate of any of the other seven choices.

According to the Election Commission, linking of Aadhaar with Voter ID is voluntary

He clarified that no entry in the voter list will be deleted due to non-submission of Aadhaar.

Voters can present a duplicate of any of the seven choices

The Political decision Commission on Monday expressed sections in the elector rundown ought not be erased for non-accommodation of Aadhaar. The commission responded after several media reports on the matter.

The survey board said, "concerning the narratives detailed in the media, it very well might be noticed that accommodation of Aadhaar in Structure 6B is deliberate. No entry in the voter list will be deleted due to non-submission of Aadhaar."

The survey board additionally alluded to its letter given to all Boss Appointive Officials of all states on July 4 this year which said that assortment of Aadhaar from citizens  ought to be on a willful reason for information connecting and confirmation of citizen records.

In order to link the Aadhaar number with the voter list data, provision has been made to capture the Aadhaar details of the voters in the revised registration forms. A new Form 6B has also been introduced for collection of Aadhaar number of existing voters.

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"Adjustment to Region 23 clearly communicates that the inspiration driving variety of Aadhaar from voters is to spread out the personality of residents and confirmation of segments in the balloter list and identification of registration of the same person multiple times in multiple constituencies. The objective of the program is consistent with the statutory provisions. It has been clarified that submission of Aadhaar is voluntary on the part of voters," the EC's letter said.

The letter likewise expresses that on the off chance that the elector doesn't have an Aadhaar number and in this manner can't give his Aadhaar number, he will be approached to present a duplicate of any of the eleven elective records referenced in the structure. 6B, EC Md.


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