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Change To White Ration Card From Pink Card

Change To White Ration Card From Pink Card
Change To
 White Ration
 Card From Pink Card

 Apply for White Ration Card From Pink Card:

1. Enter your state official food and civil supplies department website and go to the Ration card section.

2. Select the changes card type link and open the Pink card to the white card application form.

3. Fill in all the details and upload relevant support or proof documents such as an income certificate, copy of Aadhaar card, any certificates which act as proof of job description, LPG connection details, etc.

4. Do not forget to upload a copy of your ration card.

5. Submit the form and documents and print out the acknowledgment receipt.

6. You can use the given number to track your application.

7. The updated ration card will be mailed to you at your given residential address.

Steps for correction in ration card

1. On your state government official food and civil supply department website, go to the ration card section and open up the correct details in the ration card link.

2. Fill in all the details and upload a copy of your ration card along with copies of supporting proof documents.

3. Submit the application and print out the receipt with the acknowledgment number.

4. Your new updated ration card will be mailed to the given residential address in due course.

Change address in Ration Card when the family within the same jurisdiction:

1. The head of the family should put in a written application detailing why they are changing residences. They should also include the new address.

2. They should attach proof of new residence (such as a lease agreement) and their original ration card

3. The form and the documents should be submitted to the local ration store and an acknowledgment slip with the collection date should be secured.

4. Once the updated ration card is collected on the stipulated date, the card can be used.

Ration Card Address Modification For Other Jurisdiction:

1. As in the previous case, a written application form with the reasoning behind the address change and details of the new address has to be submitted along with the original ration card and proof of new residence by the head of the household to the local fair price/ ration store.

2. A deletion slip is given to the applicant and their card is deleted from the A-Register. The slip is then signed by the salesman.

3. The deletion slip has to be submitted along with the original family card to the AC/TSO office ( Assistant commissioner/ Taluk supply office) and the acknowledgment slip with a time limit must be selected

4. The changes are carried out by the AC/TSO and the applicant can collect their updated ration card on the stipulated date.

Address in Ration card cannot be changed if you moved to other states;

1. This procedure is almost the same as in the previous case. All the above steps are followed.

2. If the family is moving to another taluk within the same state, a surrender certificate is issued. With the help of the surrender certificate, the details of the updated ration card are entered into the register of the fair price shop in the new taluk and the household continues to receive subsidized commodities.

3. If the applicant's family is moving to another state, the ration card is canceled, and destroyed by the AC/TSO.

4. A cancellation certificate is issued and the family must apply for a new ration card at their local ration store in the new state.

Visit Official Website: https://nfsa.gov.in/


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