Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Why Citizens Must Be Wary Of Attempts To Link Aadhaar With Voter ID

In the coming weeks, the Modi government may announce a law that will link Aadhaar with voter ID cards.
Why Citizens Must Be Wary Of Attempts To Link Aadhaar With Voter ID
Why Citizens Must Be Wary Of Attempts To Link Aadhaar With Voter ID

There is no doubt that it will be challenged in the Supreme Court in view of the various legal errors created by such a system. Too many

Legal scholars have written extensively about this law of connection, which violates the fundamental right to privacy, the norms set forth in it.

The Foundation's decision and how it represents excessive and unrealistic executive redundancy that violates the principle of necessity (especially since)

Aadhaar is not a proof of citizenship).

However, there is another area of ​​concern that has not been fully addressed in the comments: the persistent lack of trust that haunts Modi Government.

It should be noted that this is a government that is making strong and shameful arguments against the fundamental right to privacy of its citizens. or This absurd case has been heard in the Supreme Court that why no citizen has the right to escape from all the efforts of this government.

The Supreme Court has fortunately removed such confusion.

The government has been in the habit of collecting data on its citizens since 2015. This government has consistently denied it

Linking grounds (often without debate) to all types of services, including cemetery use

Marriage registration and train ticket purchase. This happened when the Supreme Court took action and banned the use of Aadhaar for social reasons.

The government had to abandon welfare schemes.

To address these concerns, there have been allegations of Aadhaar data breaches throughout the tenure of the Modi government before the verdict.

Citizens are constantly being made false promises of 'secure' data. Aadhaar app was hacked in 2018. even before

It is learned that Aadhaar numbers have been downloaded from around 210 government websites. According to another report by the Center for Internet and Society

It may be noted that there are around 130 million Aadhaar numbers available on the Internet (along with other sensitive information). a major national

The newspaper published the result that Aadhaar data is available to buy for just Rs 500. These are just a few of the many examples.

When the Supreme Court put pressure on the government on this and other issues related to data security, the data was withheld.

'Walls thirteen feet high' indicate a lack of information security.

While this is attributed to carelessness, there is a more worrying trend, which manifests evil and willful intent to continue.

Obtaining personal information for political gain. The Madras High Court recently issued a notice confirming the allegations of BJP workers.

They had access to Aadhaar data and were able to 'profile and target' voters. If proved to be true, it is a very serious criminal offence.

The Supreme Court, exposing the spying of journalists and political opponents, asked the Modi government whether it was true.

using software. Obviously, the government bowed down and refused to give a direct answer. looks like a merger

complexities of government work

Even the most recent Personal Data Protection Bill seeks to create a system where the government has an empty cart to collect any data.

Public interest without any logic. Justice BN Srikrishnan (retd) said the law has the potential to make India an 'Orwellian'.

State '.

We only believe in the rule of law. However, the law should form the basis of any challenge to the Constitution.

Does the government express legal concern about its past actions and is it based on misunderstanding or misconduct?

No explanation has been given so far as to how the linking of voter ID cards will make the voter list 'clean'. Earlier, the exercise was conducted in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

As a result, lakhs of genuine voters have been thrown out of the election. This exposure is provided and enhanced by the proven track record of the government

Administrative incompetence cannot be taken as a simple exercise of confidence.

The only question that arises from the experience of the last eight years is whether we can trust a government that is often misguided.

The nature and extent of information collected by citizens who have clearly indicated their petty political interests

Voter rights that fundamentally lack information security or are regularly violated? If you take a look at this latest thing

If the Modi government deals with the tarnished spectacle of history, then its response is not commendable. And so it should be opposed. public interest.



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