Friday, January 21, 2022

SCs, STs Who Convert Will Lose Quota Benefits: Madhuswamy

Bihar Govt Launches Pension Scheme For Women. Know Details
Bihar Govt Launches Pension Scheme For Women. Know Details

Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhuswamy on Saturday reiterated that the state government would introduce an anti-conversion bill in the Assembly in a joint session in January and bring a law to check forced conversions. bills were

It was approved by the Assembly on Thursday during the recently held winter session in Belgaum.

Tending to the media here, Madhuswamy said that those from the SC/ST people group who need to change over won't get the share.

Benefits under the category after conversion and their children's birth certificates and will be reported in schools.

"Assuming an administration representative proselytes, it will be recorded in his administration register. We will not take back the benefits which he has already taken.

Under SC and ST quota. But they are not eligible after conversion."

The new law, which is already in place in seven BJP-ruled states, aims to provide and maintain religious protection, public order," he said.



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