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Steps To Apply For PAN Online

Apply for a new PAN CARD online

Step1: Submit the pan card application structure 49A accessible on the NSDL site https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/endUserRegisterContact.htmlpan1 

Step2: Fill in all the details in the form. Read the detailed instructions before furnishing the details in the form.https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/Instructions49A.html#instruct_form49A

Step3:  Mode of payment: The charges for applying for PAN is Rs.93 (excluding GST) for Indian communication address and Rs.864 ( excluding GST) for foreign communication address. Payment of application fees can be made through credit/debit card, demand draft, or net banking. On Successful payment, an acknowledgment will be displayed. Save this acknowledgment number.

Step4: Documents to be shipped off NSDL Once the application and installment are acknowledged, the candidate is needed to send the supporting records through dispatch/post to NSDL. 

Documents include one proof of identity, one proof of address, and one proof of date of birth.

Identity proof List:

Following are the necessary records out of which anybody can be submitted as character evidence. 

1. Copy of voters identity card

2. Ration card with the applicant's photograph 

3. Copy of passport

4. Copy of driving license

5. Arms license

6. Duplicate of Aadhar card given by Unique Identification Authority of India

7. Photo Identity card issued by central government or state government or any other public sector overtaking

8. Central government health scheme card

9. Bank certificate containing an attested photograph of the applicant along with the bank account number of the applicant

10. Copy of pensioner card having a photograph of the applicant

11. Certificate of identity in original signed by a Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly or Municipal Councillor

#Copy of the following documents that can be submitted as address proof

1. Copy of electricity bills

2. Copy of landline bills

3. Copy of broadband connection bill

4. Bank account statements

5. Credit card  statement

6. Post office passbook featuring address of the applicant

7. Passport

8. Passport of spouse

9. Voter identity card with photograph

10. Latest order for property tax assessment

11. Driving License

12. Domicile Certificate issued by government

13. Aadhar Card issued by Unique  Identification Authority of India

14. Allotment letter

15. If submitting a copy of one of the first five documents, the documents should not be more than three months old.

***Proof old enough is additionally needed to be put together by the PAN candidate. Any record that determines the date of birth of the candidate fills the need. This document has to be any one of those listed below.

1. Birth declaration given by the Municipal Authority or any office approved to give Birth and Death testament by the Registrar of Birth and Deaths or the Indian office.

2. Pension Payment Order

3. Marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages.

4. Matriculation certificate

5. Passport

6. Driving License

7. Domicile Certificate issued by the central or state government

8. Affidavit signed before a magistrate stating the date of birth

                         VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://nsdl.co.in/


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